Star Sports


Star Sports


4 Weeks


September 2014


Information Architecture, Wire Framing and GUI. (3 person team at Fractal Ink Design Studio)

Star Sports is a leading sports broadcaster in India. After having developed and released a mobile application to watch live matches and check scores they wanted a revamp. In order to get more traction to the app. The main focus of this project was to rework most of the user experience. To be able to do this we had the rework the information architecture, user journeys and create new wireframes.

Design Challenge

How might we bring more users to the App? Increasing the number of paid users for live matches.

Personas and Touch Points

In order to change user behaviour, getting them to subscribe to live matches, first we needed to understand them and their needs. We divided our users in 4 groups namely :  Explorers, Followers, Mass Market and Laggards. We tried to see what how they were consuming information with the use of technology. We also tried to understand at what points they interacted with technology.

Information Architecture

We could see that the previous Information Architecture wasn’t working for various reasons. Learning from the insights extracted from our research we built the Information architecture.


The wireframes shown below reflect the insights from the research and were built upon the framework of the Information Architecture. They focus was on changing user behaviour toward watching live matches.

UI Design Option

Although not involved in the final UI of the app, I created the version shown below to complete the story.