Iskra Uscumlic, Luca Mustacchi, Nicola Armand and I


3 Weeks


July 2016


User Research, Paper Prototyping, User testing, GUI, Prototyping with Flinto. The Script & Storyboarding for the Film.

Plantr is a plant growth monitoring app that helps hobbyist planters take care of their plants by providing timely tips and prompts. It uses a sensor to provide different information about the plant and its environment to the owner.

One of the teams initial insights was that a lot of people struggle to keep their plants alive. This lead to the idea of using data from the plants sensors to help the user take care of his plant. Personification of the plant was also introduced, so the plant could directly text it’s owner, providing a fun and meaningful way to learn about their plant’s needs, it can also be used as a teaching tool for beginners as well as kids.


The task for this project was to create a flow and graphical user interface for the app which would be appealing and interesting for our target audience. The first version was created as a team, whereas the final and detailed parts of the app were designed individually as iterations of the original design.