City Heroes


Bjørn Karmmann and I


1 Week


February 2016


Scriptwriting, Story Boarding, Filming, Editing, Post Production and GUI.

We bond with our devices, and we are getting more and more dependent on the technologies we carry on us in our daly life. It connects us to the environment, and you can argue that our devices is become a tool for the urban survival. But the the tool is only useful as long as the device is charged.


Charged is a concept for emergency battery loss. When running out of battery, the Charged app, lets you send out an SOS signal to fellow charged users around you, or even send it automatically just before the battery is drained. The app finds the closest user by distance, and notifies the person of your situation. The fellow user can now accept the request for help. When accepted, he will receive the location of the person in need. Since every emergency is different the solution will be determined when the meeting occurs at the site. Since two is better than one, and one charged device is better than none, survival is not far.


The community is trust based and gamified by a superhero theme. Every user has a superhero name, and can climb the ranks by helping people. The goal is to be the hero of the city, meet the citizens or just save the day for a stranger.